In the aerospace and defense industries, technical publications supporting operations and maintenance play an instrumental role in operational enablement and mission achievement. With the retirement of experienced maintenance staff and the long onboarding process for replacements, operational readiness could soon be at risk. Fortunately, modern technologies are providing new opportunities to utilize tech pubs in productive and innovative ways.

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A global shortage of aviation maintenance technicians combined with 80% of maintainers being non-native English speakers and a two year learning cycle to understand Simplified Technical English documentation has resulted in an urgent need for a better way. With simple misunderstandings resulting in devastating impacts, maintenance errors can be costly for both aircraft and human life.

New advances in translation technologies have increased the speed and accuracy of machine translation (MT) while lowering costs, now making it economically feasible to deliver most technical content across languages. Read how MT can overcome challenges to increase maintainer understanding, improve mean time to repair and enhance operational readiness.

Originally used by European defense organizations to ensure technical content quality and consistency, the S1000D technical publications standard has been valuable in standardizing technical data creation, management and delivery. However, the same has not been true regarding the variety of software applications used to manage technical publication lifecycles.

An enterprise consolidation strategy can address the challenges and inefficiencies of using disparate content solutions across programs, as well as deliver benefits and cost efficiencies to both the business and IT. Find out how the US Air Force and US Navy implemented an enterprise-level technical information management consolidation strategy and elevated their mission-ready status.

New opportunities are emerging within technical publications such as deeper maintenance integration and direct connection to assets. These opportunities allow tech pubs a more active role in mission success through streamlined asset availability, technical publication integration and delivery of real-time maintenance information. Today’s AI-enabled advances are also aiding early-warning systems to proactively predict signs of malfunction or failure.

Asset availability can be improved when technical content is incorporated as part of Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) and predictive maintenance strategies. In this brochure, learn how to close the gap from platform failure modes to maintenance process initiation, significantly improving responsiveness while reducing maintenance hours and costs.

How would faster project startups, lower costs and shorter timelines empower you to meet your mission objectives?

Today’s organizations manage extremely complex technical documents, delivering critical information to maintenance professionals to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and keep assets deployed. Under the pressure of faster project starts, limited budgets and shorter timelines, failing to meet mission objectives is not an option. An industry-proven content technology solution that optimizes each step of the publishing process is the key to your success – learn how.